A day in the life of a children’s charity

Posted on July 6th, 2022

What does a children’s charity do each day?

This depends on the charity, but each children’s charity will do the same kind of work each day.

Working with volunteers

Without volunteers, a charity would not be able to run, it is that simple, they are the backbone of any charity and are crucial. It is more important than ever for children’s charities to have a good number of volunteers to help at fundraising events, help in charity shops, volunteer for office work and volunteer for day-to-day tasks.
With the price of living on the rise again, more and more families look to children’s charities to support their children through hard times, so more and more volunteers are needed to help keep up with the increasing demand on the charity.

Running or planning fundraising events

This is the fun stuff in a children’s charity. Finding new ways to raise money for the good causes that are being supported. Be it a sponsored run, a beard shaving, an auction or a sponsored walk, every fundraising event is vital to the support of a charity.

Sometimes a charity will receive a call out of the blue to say that someone wants to raise money on their behalf, great, job done! And every charity is extremely grateful for this. It is the other times that become more challenging when trying to find a new and creative way which will draw people’s attention to the charity’s cause.
But this is also the rewarding challenge that every who works with a children’s charity strives for!

Running social media campaigns and posting

Love it or loathe it, children’s charities have to keep up with the modern world and use social media extensively to show people that the work they are doing is worthwhile and that people’s donations are going to good causes.
For the PR team, a lot of the day is used collating all of the good work the fundraising teams have done and letting people know about it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. The more people who see the posts and the more people who react with the posts, means there is a higher chance of gaining more support for the charity.

Collecting donations

No charity is complete without the help and generosity of the public. Whether it is unwanted clothes or electronics that are being donated, every donation is greatly appreciated and help to keep the charity going. It is a pretty full-time part of the day organising free collections and ensuring everyone is thanked and the donations are used in the right ways.

Running the charity shops

Charity shops provide a children’s charity with a majority of its money. There are dedicated teams of staff and volunteers that ensure that the shops are run efficiently and in a welcoming manner. The teams in the shops sort through any donations that are given, dress the shop, interact with customers, help to promote the charity’s image and ensure that the charity is supported. There are always friendly staff members in charity shops that have a real passion for what the charity is supporting and are always more than happy to help.

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